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New York artist left her heart in Tuscarawas County

Cory Enderby works at getting the 1,000-pound sculpture titled Time Out New York off the trailer at the Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts. The mixed media sculpture is the first in a series by Jennifer Contini Enderby, formerly of Dover.

Kyle Valentini

Jennifer Contini Enderby has a big heart. Everyone that knows her will tell you that. The 1990 Dover High School graduate is now a working artist in New York City where she has been a resident since 1993. With family and friends in Tuscarawas County, she visits often and still considers it a home away from home. On her last visit she left something very special behind, a sculpture she calls, Time Out New York.

Along with the help of her husband, musician and songwriter Cory Enderby, Contini Enderby created the large sculpture of wood, metal, glass, resin and paint while in New Paltz, N.Y. during 2010-2011. The original intent was to have the piece ready for the New York City Artexpo 2011, the world’s largest fine art trade show where qualified trade buyers, gallery owners and managers, art dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers, art and framing retailers and many others have been gathering annually for more than 30 years.

Unable to complete the sculpture on time, Contini Enderby placed the sculpture in storage where it would remain until 2012.

In June 2011 Contini Enderby participated in a group show at the Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts (TCCA). “Jennifer suggested she bring the sculpture here when we had the show last year,” said TCCA director Jeannine Kennedy. “To have something like this is such an asset for the arts center and the community. We are patient here. We will wait for art given with the right spirit.”

Kennedy has had an effect on many of her former students. An art teacher at Dover High School since 1973, she retired in 2003 and still keeps up with her students, many of whom have made art their career or their passion. “Miss Kennedy was a big influence in high school for me. She was the teacher you just could always count on for support in anything, be it art, family, friends or faith,” said Contini Enderby. “Jeannine is part of my journey ... the journey I call keeping the faith and continuing to bless this world with art that inspires a generation.”

In order to get the 1,000-pound sculpture from New York to Ohio, Contini Enderby rented a flatbed trailer and made the 475-mile trip across three states, turning heads and inspiring smiles along the way. Once in New Philadelphia, Contini Enderby allowed her husband to act as chief engineer in getting the sculpture off the flatbed trailer with the help of her brother, Scott.

“Art benefits people because it provides healing and hope. I like to think of my art as a reflection of God. When the sun’s rays hit the sculpture, it lights up and people around it smile. To make others smile when viewing my art is very pleasing to me,” said Contini Enderby. “We have goals to sell these heart sculptures all over America. I already see them in front of corporations, churches, hospitals, schools and in parks.”

“With Jennifer it is not all about the sale. It’s about making the world a better place with her art,” said Kennedy.

While Contini Enderby’s own heart beats to the rhythm of the city, she admits God is her real inspiration. “New York City has a huge influence in my work, but honestly...my artwork would mostly be really different if I were not living for God.”

Time Out New York is available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds to go to Christian Mission of South Haiti and TCCA, but until a buyer comes forward the sculpture has a home at TCCA.

The center is located at 461 Robinson Dr. SE, New Philadelphia. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Published: April 16, 2012
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