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Tuscarawas County YMCA gymnastics team received 122 collective awards

Level-Three Team: First Row: Sofia Secrest, left, Madisyn Brandt, Riley Miller, Lydia Heaston and Landry Little. Second Row: Wendy Resendiz, Lillian Cox, Savannah Beach and Ava Starner. Third Row: Isabelle Moreland, Mara Wallace, Hannah Secrist, Sarah Shultz and Mayte Resendiz. Not Pictured: Ella Wherley.


The Tuscarawas County YMCA gymnastics team fared well at the Northeast Ohio YMCA Gymnastics Districts for level three, four and five. The local girls came home with a total of 122 collective awards from the multilevel meet.

The level-three team took second place overall, and the level-five team took fourth place. Individual gymnasts earned awards in their levels and age groups on the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and all-around scores.

The Tuscarawas County team also qualified 15 girls in level four, five and six and excel-gold to advance to the YMCA Regional Competition in April at Cincinnati.

Awards earned for level three:

Landry Little, age group A, first on floor, third on vault and bars, and fourth on beam and all-around; Lydia Heaston, age group A, sixth on floor, seventh on beam, ninth on vault, and 10th all-around and on bars; Madisyn Brandt, age group B, 10th on vault, bars, beam and floor, and 11th all-around; Sofia Secrest, age group C, first on vault, second on bars, beam and all-around, and third on floor; Wendy Resendiz, age group C, first on beam and floor, third all-around, and fourth on vault and bars; Riley Miller, age group C, second on beam, third on bars, sixth all-around, seventh on floor, and eighth on vault; Savannah Beach, age group C, seventh on beam, eighth on floor, ninth on bars, and 10th on vault and all-around;

Ella Wherley, age group D, second on vault and floor, fourth all-around, seventh on bars, and 11th on beam; Ava Starner, age group D, 10th on vault and beam, and 11th on bars, floor and all-around; Mayte Resendiz, age group E, first on bars and floor, third all-around, fifth on beam, and ninth on vault; Mara Wallace, age group E, second on vault, bars, beam, floor and all-around; Lillian Cox, age group E, second on vault, third on floor, sixth on beam, seventh all-around, and 10th on bars; Isabelle Moreland, age group F, third on vault, ninth on floor and all-around, and 10th on bars and beam; and Sarah Shultz, age group F, 10th all-around, 11th on bars and beam, and 12th on vault and floor.

Awards earned for level four:

Breanna Patterson, age group A, second on vault, fifth on floor, seventh all-around, eighth on beam, and 10th on bars; Heather Demuth, age group A, fifth on beam, eighth on floor and all-around, and 10th on vault and bars; Callie-Grace Pease, age group A, eighth on vault, 11th on beam, and 12th on bars and all-around; Brianna Affolter, age group C, fourth on beam, fifth on vault, sixth on floor, ninth all-around, and 11th on bars; Kaitlyn Armstrong, age group D, fourth on floor, sixth on beam, ninth all-around, 11th on vault, and 12th on bars; and Simone Basilleti, age group E, fourth on beam, sixth on vault, seventh on floor and all-around, and ninth on bars.

Awards earned for level five:

Samantha Courtney, age group B, third on vault and bars, fourth all-around, sixth on beam, and seventh on floor; Abigayle Edwards, age group B, fourth on bars, fifth on vault and all-around, and eighth on beam and floor; Amber Albritton, age group B, fourth on vault, fifth on bars, seventh on beam and all-around, and eighth on floor; and Gillian Edwards, age group B, seventh on vault, eighth on bars, ninth on beam, and 10th on floor and all-around.

Published: March 20, 2017
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