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We need to protect the dream in our heart

What do we do when God gives us a dream? Do we run out and tell people we can trust with what we hear from the Almighty, or do we wait and pray about it first? Do we get so excited to the point where if we donít tell anyone we feel like we might just blow up? Are we good or are we bad at the long game? Meaning can we wait on God to make the next move, or do we feel like we need to help God along the way? Are we allowing people to kill the dreams God places in our hearts, or are we protecting what God has put in us?

By my opening question one can tell I believe all good, wholesome dreams come from God. He is the one who gives us the dreams that breathe new life into our bones. It is only for his honer and glory he even gives us dreams in the first place.

God absolutely does not give us dreams to make our life better or more comfortable, to lift us up, to boost egos, to give us an elevated position in life, or for that matter anything involving us. People may act like God gave them the dream for their own personal benefit, but this is a distortion of the truth and ultimately takes God out of the picture.

For me when God places a dream on my heart, I get so excited and so pumped up I feel like I canít hold it in anymore and I just have to tell someone, or I feel like I am going to blow up. In fact isnít that the way we all feel when God lets us in on a little piece of his plan for us? However, people donít always respond well when we have a God-sized dream in our heart.

I was telling one of my friends I believe God is calling me to be a writer, but I canít spell very well. He looked at me and said something to the effect of ďwell then I guess thatís not God telling you to be a writer after all, now is it?Ē

I canít remember what I said, but needless to say he doesnít know what God placed in my heart. He wasnít a hater, but he was thinking with his own understanding.

Not everyone is going to understand the dream we have burning within our heart. Even some of the most godly men and women we know can be the most clueless when it comes to why we are doing what we are doing. To them we will look foolish, and they might wonder why we donít grow up and face reality. This is why it is so important we be watchful who we tell our dreams to. People may not be encouraging and try to kill our dreams from birth, and the most disheartening thing about it will be they wonít realize they are doing it.

We must first understand no one else except God has placed the dream in our heart; therefore no one else other then God will know the full intention of the dream. So the first thing is to rely solely on him. We donít need to have a constant vote or a clear majority. We just need to know he is the one who put it into our heart, and he will see it come to pass.

Nobody else can really tell where our heart is. One might look at us and say our heart is not right before God or we are doing this out of selfish ambition when in reality we are doing what God wants.

There will be times when God seems far away, whether we are on track with him or not. Thatís when it would be nice to find another believer to encourage us. The same God who gave us the burning desire in the first place can give us people who can understand our hearts enough to encourage us in the Lord. They may not truly understand the dream, but they know enough to realize only God is God and they are not.

Keep trusting the Lord with the dreams you keep in your heart. If God is really the one who put it there, you donít need to go around telling everybody. We must trust that God himself will fulfill it and not allow others to steal what God has placed in our hearts to begin with.

Published: April 17, 2017
New Article ID: 2017704179980