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This knocker was a cowbird

We awoke yesterday morning to a knocking on the bedroom window. That in itself is rather unsettling, but the knocker turned out to be a cowbird. That silly bird flies up to the middle of the window and works his/her way up, fluttering and rapping on the glass with his/her beak.
We have had birds fly into our windows before, but this is the very first time we’ve had a bird tap repeatedly on a window. In the past when birds have flown into our windows, they get knocked silly, and once recovered, they fly off, never to return. This cowbird is different in that he/she is persistently returning time after time to tap, tap, tap on our window.
Our dogs have taken exception to the bird and bark their heads off, trying to chase it away. The bird does fly off but comes back after a few minutes. The knocking begins about 6 a.m. and continues off and on until around 9 p.m. Why this is happening, neither our house nor we have any idea.
This morning there was no knocking. The bird has evidently given up getting into our house and taken his window-tapping talents to someone else’s window. We slept later this morning with no tapping to awaken us. Then we heard it, a much louder knocking coming from our deck: not a cowbird this time, but a very large woodpecker hammering away on a deck upright. Because our deck wood is treated, there are no bugs to be had on that upright.
What is going on? We and our house love wildlife, and we do feed them well. Are they unhappy with their suet and seed and want a change? Or are they thanking us for the buffet we provide every day? Who knows? Our house and I prefer to believe the thanking idea.

Published: June 13, 2017
New Article ID: 2017170619988