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Summer fun: Keep it simple so that it is simply fun

I’m sitting by the river watching the water and a few kayakers go by. My husband and sons have their fishing lines in the water. They have caught two fish and missed several bites.
We usually bring along firewood and hot dogs, but we stopped for Chinese takeout tonight. We have comfortable chairs. I’m cuddling with a Thermacell to avoid the mosquitoes.
A nice family has given us permission to fish from their land. It’s a cheap, relaxing way to spend a Friday evening.
So what are you doing for fun with your family this summer?
My husband loves to fish, so many of our summer fun hours involve fishing in various forms. Our sons spent lots of hours fishing in our pond at home even when they were very little. The youngest didn’t like baiting his hook with worms then, so he used colorful flowers instead. He actually caught lots of fish that way.
These days we are more likely to go fishing from our kayaks on local lakes and rivers. Simply throw the kayaks in the back of the truck and bring along a pole: simple and fun entertainment.
How about a hike in the woods? If you don’t have any of your own, many of the lakes in the area have public ground around them. Check for maps online and look for property markers so that you don’t stray onto private areas. Then take some water and a snack and let the kids roam. Our boys grew up loving to walk in the woods without shoes, climbing every tree and rock in sight.
Do your kids like stories? Take a book and settle under a shade tree. Read while they do something with their hands. They could draw or make something. It doesn’t have to be a structured craft, just give them some miscellaneous stuff and see what they come up with.
Want a cheap day shopping? Check out yard sales. Give each child a dollar or so to spend as they like.
Take a bike ride on one of the local trails. Stop for ice cream or bring along a snack to stop and share.
If you have livestock or pets, spend time with them. Pull up a chair and watch your chickens. Ours supply an endless stream of entertainment.
Take time to sit with your new mothers and little ones. When we just sit in the pasture, our lambs get terribly curious and come to see what we are doing.
Play Frisbee with your dog. Our German Shorthaired Pointer runs until she drops.
Don’t discount the joy of sitting on your back porch chatting. Leave the devices elsewhere and bring the lemonade.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to have fun. Big excursions can be enjoyable, but it’s easy to put them off saying you don’t have time to get everything set up.
Concentrate on simple things you and your family can do often. Fun should be a regular occurrence, not just a special occasion.

Published: July 13, 2017
New Article ID: 2017170719970