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You could win $10,000 helping the Trojans

The Tusky Valley cross country team along with other sports teams at the school had great seasons. The fundraiser will benefit the various athletic programs offered at the school.


The Tusky Valley Athletic Booster Club is offering an opportunity for some lucky member of the community to win as much as $10,000. This inaugural fundraiser that benefits the athletic programs at Tusky Valley requires a small investment of $20, which in turn will result in much-needed funds to keep the sports programs running smoothly for Tusky Valley athletes.
At the Feb. 9 basketball game between Tusky Valley and Tuscarawas Central Catholic, 1,000 four-inch numbered balls will be released from a giant fishing net from the ceiling of the gymnasium. The numbered ball that lands in the bucket in the center of the gymnasium floor will determine the winner of the cash.
"We haven't decided if we're going to do the ball drop before the game, at halftime or after the game," said Sue Gaiser, a member of the booster club. "Halftime would be the best time, but we're not sure if we can pick up 1,000 balls fast enough without holding up the game."
Gaiser said If more than one ball lands in the bucket, the prize will be split. If no balls land in the bucket, the ball closest to the bucket will determine the winner.
"We're walking in the dark on this fundraiser because we have never done anything like this before," Gaiser said. "We're a small school, and we do a lot of fundraisers for our kids, but this one is different."
Only 1,000 tickets will be sold. Each numbered ticket matches a numbered ball in the drop.
"We may have to ask the fire department to hang the net up for us," Gaiser said. "We still have details to work out. We're just hoping the community will get excited about this event and support these great kids."
Despite the school's small size, Tusky Valley athletes have terrific seasons. The volleyball team never lost a set in 28 games in their regular season but finally fell to the Vesailles Tigers in the state semifinals. The girls cross country team, with only 20 runners, placed ninth in the Div. II State Cross Country Championship. The boys soccer team earned their first district championship when it took down Hiland at the end of the season.
"We are really proud of our kids," Gaiser said. "We're used to being the underdogs when it comes to some of the bigger schools. They work hard, and they succeed."
Gaiser got involved with the booster club because her own children played sports. She currently has a junior who runs cross country.
"Another board member looked me in the eye and said, 'You're going to do this,'" Gaiser said. "How could I say no? Being involved with the boosters has allowed me to see firsthand what it takes to support these programs for our kids."
Gaiser explained the idea for the ball drop came from the school's social media manager. "He pays close attention to what other schools are doing," she said. "This looked like a fundraiser that could be fun and successful."
Tickets are available at the school during regular hours and at athletic events from coaches or athletic director Steve Franks.
For further information call Gaiser at 330-874-6301 or email her at gaiser5979@roadrunner.com or call Franks at 330-859-8812 or email him at steve.franks@tvtrojans.org.

Published: December 11, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171209984