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Space seeks auditor post

Space was born and raised in Dover and began his law career in the community after graduating from Ohio State University. He served as a public defender and Dover’s city law director before being elected to congress in 2006.


Former congressman and Tuscarawas County native Zack Space is running for state auditor. This is his first campaign since he left congress in 2011. He is running to replace term-limited Republican David Yost.
When asked why he decided to return to politics, Space said he sees the office as a way to help fight on issues that are important to him.
“I feel like our democracy has been compromised by the role of money and political greed,” Space said.
He said he has been spending a lot of time on the road and has travelled to all corners of the state. He said the campaign has been going really well and that people have been responding to his message very enthusiastically.
One of his main objectives for the auditor’s office is to end the “inappropriate influence of money in politics.” As auditor he wants to “pull back the curtain” to allow people to see where their tax money goes.
He’d also like to use the office to combat the gerrymandering that shapes Ohio’s congressional districts. As auditor he would be involved in the redistricting process. He said he would like to “depoliticize the process” that he said “disenfranchises millions of Americans.”
“[Gerrymandering] divides us, renders extremism and renders government dysfunctional,” he said. “I’ll do everything in my power to make sure politics is not a factor in how lines are drawn, and right now it’s the only factor.”
Space said it is important to keep counties together and to help promote economic and cultural commonality instead of drawing lines to help incumbents choose their constituents.  
As of December, Space has been personally endorsed by 30 Democratic county chairpersons. One who knows him well is Gail Garbrandt of Tuscarawas County, who has worked with him on the county board of elections. She said Space has been a great mentor and a person for her to learn from.
Garbrandt said Space’s chances of being elected are very good. “A lot of people are unhappy,” she said. “A lot of people see we’re going in the wrong direction. A lot of people feel left behind by government.”
Holmes and Wayne Democratic chairpersons have not officially endorsed Space, but both said they have heard good things about him.
“I think he’s a great candidate, and I’m excited that he’s running for auditor,” Holmes County’s Taylor Hazlett said.
Space also has been endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Congressional Delegation.
The auditor’s office is a public watchdog of taxpayer money. It is one of five statewide public offices created by Ohio’s Constitution. The auditor is responsible for overseeing public offices and making sure they are using resources efficiently and effectively.
Currently more than 800 auditors and others inspect more than 5,900 entities including cities, counties, villages, townships, schools, state universities and public libraries as well as all state agencies, boards and commissions. The auditor’s office also is able to investigate how budget cuts will impact local residents.
Though he is running on the Democratic ticket, Space said he intends to serve everyone. He said he will use the office aggressively to help Ohioans regardless of zip code or income level.
Republican Keith Faber also is running for the position. Faber served eight years in the Ohio Senate with five of them as the chamber’s president. He is currently the state representative for Ohio’s 84th District. He studied law at Ohio State University and practices in his hometown of Celina.
According to his website, “Faber has been a leader in the effort to move Ohio forward by advocating for a more efficient, effective and transparent government in Columbus."
Space was born and raised in Dover and began his law career in the community after graduating from Ohio State University. He served as a public defender and Dover’s city law director before being elected to congress in 2006. He worked to bring broadband and infrastructure improvements to the rural communities in the 18th District while he served.
After his time in Congress, Space began working for the Columbus firm, Vorys Advisors. In that position he has worked with local governments, charities and private firms to promote economic development across the state.
He also serves as a board member for many nonprofit organizations including the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, CoalBlue, the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations, the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus Foundation and the Steering Committee for the Central Ohio Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
For more information on Space, visit www.zackspaceforohio.com/.

Published: January 12, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180109956