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Berlin shopping event sweetens Valentine's Day

The Berlin Main Street Merchants are here to provide a quick fix for those who may not have a Valentine's Day game plan all laid out beforehand.


Love is in the air as Feb. 14 nears. While many people dream up wonderful ways to treat their extra-special significant other to something grand and wonderful on Valentine's Day, there are more than a few people, mostly men for some odd reason, who tend to let Valentine's Day sneak up on them unaware.
The Berlin Main Street Merchants are here to provide a quick fix for those who may not have a Valentine's Day game plan all laid out beforehand.
The Berlin Merchants will present its Sweet on You event, which will run Feb. 12-17 and provide ample opportunity for couples to celebrate this special day together. The merchants invite any couple in love, whether they are dating, just married or celebrating their 75th anniversary, to stop in Berlin and create their own unique and special day.
“Everyone's idea of a special Valentine's Day is different,” said Eli Hochstetler, Berlin Main Street Merchants president. “Not everyone wants to have the same kind of Valentine's Day experience, and not everyone cherishes the same kinds of gifts, so we invite everyone to come visit Berlin on Valentine's Day and find that something special for their sweetheart.”
One person may love chocolates while others relish a bouquet of flowers or jewelry, the traditional Valentine's Day gifts. However, Hochstetler said the Berlin Merchants offer so much more to complete a perfect Valentine's Day experience. Whether it is jewelry, clothing, home décor or any variety of gifts that might be someone's ideal way to say “I love you,” with the impressive variety of stores located throughout downtown Berlin, there is sure to be a perfect Valentine's Day gift just waiting to make a statement.
And not only does the day in Berlin present an opportunity to buy that perfect gift for a loved one on this special day, it also affords couples something else: an opportunity to spend a day celebrating their love with one another, something money can't buy.
And while couples are out spending the day together, why not visit one of the fine eateries around town to sample some great cuisine to cap off a perfect Valentine's Day celebration?
“The nice thing about Berlin is that we do have such a wonderful variety of stores for people to visit, and they can easily walk from store to store, and we have a number of places for couples to sit down and enjoy a nice meal,” Hochstetler said. “We invite everyone to come and see what Berlin is made of and to experience a unique shopping experience that should make for a very memorable Valentine's Day for any couple.”
If you are one of those procrastinators who simply can't seem to keep Valentine's Day at the top of your list or even if you have the ideal gift and simply want to enhance Valentine's Day by spending time with your special someone, the Berlin Merchants may just have the perfect way to make your sweetheart's heart sing for joy.

Published: February 9, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180209951