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Cooking with Kate approaches home cooking with a new perspective

Join Kate Shumaker, OSU Extension educator and registered dietitian, at Cooking with Kate for a new perspective on food.

Using local apples in desserts

The Tuscarawas County Public Library System will host an event for food lovers.

Feed your mind at Tuscarawas County Library

The Tuscarawas County Public Library System will partner with Chris Kendle from the OSU extension office this fall to warm up the kitchen and get everyone ready for holiday cooking.

‘Mennonite Girls Can Cook’ authors to visit Sugarcreek for premiere of play

Fans of "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" cookbooks and website can meet many of the women at the local premiere of Blue Gate Musicals comedy/theatrical production this September in Ohio.

I have enough guilt in my life without being blamed for the changing climate of a whole planet

A nonstick skillet and large and small sauce pans with lids for less than $30? Columnist Scott Daniels says he really should have known better.

Culinary Capers is record-breaking event for Community Hospice

The annual Culinary Capers, which benefits Community Hospice, raised a record-breaking $70,000 at Union Country Club on April 30.

With so many people writing and blogging about cooking and recipes I have to wonder

There are plenty of good recipes to be found on the Internet, but columnist Scott Daniels suggests using common sense when deciding whether to try them.

Eating chicken wings requires no dignity

Columnist Scott Daniels loves chicken wings dripping in spicy sauce and dipped in rich bleu cheese dressing. While they are remarkably popular when dining out, they are easy to make at home as well.

Ideally lobster should be purchased on the way to the pot

Columnist Scott Daniels shares tips on cooking lobster at home.

I’ve avoided using a slow cooker all my adult life

Columnist Scott Daniels does not think much of the slow cooker that seems more of a chore than a convenience, but he does have a recipe suited for one.

Pot roast comes from somewhere else

There are many variations of pot roast, which is a tougher cut of meat, usually beef, browned and then slowly braised for several hours. The cooking process coaxes the meat into tenderness, while the liquid flavors the meat, making a perfect gravy base for serving.

You can make perfect hard-boiled eggs

Columnist Scott Daniels follows Julia Child's recipe to make perfect hard-boiled eggs every time.

The thing that trumps cheapness these days, especially among the millennial generation, is convenience

We're becoming a nation that doesn't want to leave the couch, would rather skip having to deal with other people to get what we need or want, and perhaps worst of all, we drink bad coffee because it's easy, according to columnist Scott Daniels.

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