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Refrigerator pickles are easy to make

Columnist Scott Daniels talks about pickles and a recent attempt he made at making his own jar of pickles.

This smoke is your life until Halloween at least

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses how he will be grilling on his kettle grill until Halloween at least.

Summer fun: Keep it simple so that it is simply fun

Columnist Karen Wilson offers simple ways to have fun with the family during summer.

I've decided the lamb's ear must go

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her difficulties with getting rid of the beautiful but highly invasive lamb's ear.

Regenerative design solves the large-scale trash problem

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses regenerative design, an idea that seeks to parallel nature and attempts to be waste free while being used to design buildings, create landscapes and manufacture consumer products.

Fresh air makes a house happy

Columnist Laura Moore discusses open windows and screen doors along with the creatures outside that like to invade a home when able.

Auto safety devices that can help seniors with older cars

Savvy Senior columnist Jim Miller discusses devices that can help seniors drive safely.

Some birds are rarely seen away from the oceans of the world

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses ocean-dwelling birds and some rare bird sightings.

The best wine is the wine you like

Ohio has a long and important history in wine-making, beginning in the 1820s along the Ohio River. Ohio was the largest producer of wine in the United States until crop failures and the Civil War brought things to a standstill.

70 times 7 until it hurts

Columnist Missy Herrera discusses her perspective on freedom and giving.

Reports of rare birds come from a number of birders

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses reports of rare birds seen in the region, including Killbuck Marsh, a big place with lots of excellent habitat. Several least bitterns have been reported. These bitterns are found annually but in small numbers.

We're still not sure exactly where hot dogs come from

Columnist Scott Daniels shares the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says over the Fourth of July holiday Americans will consume enough hot dogs to stretch, end-to-end, from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles five times.

It's firefly season

Columnist Herb Broda discusses declining firefly populations and summer activities.

Visiting some old friends

Columnist Laura Moore visits a few old friends on a trip.

Include reading in your summer plans

Summer is a great opportunity to share your favorite authors from your childhood with your kids. Read together or listen to audiobooks.

Dads are a pretty precious commodity

Columnist Scott Daniels recalls his dad's disdain for any vegetable other than the potato.

Water infrastructure is a bipartisan effort

Republican Bob Gibbs represents Ohio's 7th Congressional District and is the former chairman of the Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment. He writes this column to praise the president on some bipartisan reforms that passed the House nearly unanimously.

Optics Fling is a big success

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses an event he traveled home to attend called the Optics Fling.

Pushing the envelope can lead you to amazing experiences

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses some food items he has been considering to attempt to make.

Space releases statement about president's decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement

The following statement is from former Ohio Congressman Zack Space, chair of the CoalBlue Project Board of Directors:

The seasons are determined for me more by my closet than by the calendar

Columnist Herb Broda discusses summer activities to do outside.

We allow that little guilt monster to deprive us of so many good things to eat

Columnist Scott Daniels encourages readers to enjoy life and food.

Magee Marsh and the biggest week of birding

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses birding at two locations and an increase in new birders of all ages.

Strawberry jelly and blissful chaos

Columnist Missy Herrera discusses her writing and a home system she describes as blissful chaos.

Flowers are never a bad idea as a gift

Columnist Randi Pokladnik recalls memories of her mother's love for trees and flowers.

Spring is much more than warmer weather

Columnist Herb Broda discusses ways to enjoy spring with all of one's senses.

'Man Who Came to Dinner' gets rave review

Writer Scott Daniels gives a review of the Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County's "The Man Who Came to Dinner."

What exactly is shortcake?

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses shortcake and a family argument at Easter dinner on the matter.

Consider adopting a new eco-consciousness

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses her view on nature and the human race.

A lesson learned from packing to move

Columnist Bruce Stambaugh discusses a lesson learned while packing for the move to Virginia.

Grandma ate her apple pie with cheese, like regular folk

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his difficulties with apple pie.

Looks like lamb is off the Easter menu

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses Easter meals and a change on the menu this year for his family.

Coyotes have become the whipping post of several groups

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses coyotes and the way they contribute to an ecosystem.

Create a space that makes you happy and ready to create great dishes

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the trends in present-day kitchens.

Even short doses of outdoor time can provide benefits

Columnist Herb Broda shares his view on drive-thrus and getting outside for exercise.

Personally Iíd like to have a much more diverse local population

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his view on immigration and his desire to learn foreign recipes.

Put things to use instead of dropping them in the trash

Columnist Karen Wilson shares how she reuses items in her household to save money and help the planet.

ĎOnceí is like nothing youíve seen before

Writer Scott Daniels gives a review of "Once," the musical, which will come to the Kent State Tuscarawas Performing Arts Center.

Irish immigration to America was to our great gain

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses St. Patrick's Day and the history of Irish immigration to America.

Bluebird of happiness

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses bird conservation efforts with bald eagles and bluebirds.

Incomplete recipes must be the reason

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his belief that incomplete recipes must be the reason why some dishes do not turn out like the original.

Like birds in coal mines, their deaths warn us of our own fragility

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses two female scientists and writers who had an impact on her life.

You are really never as good as youíd like to think you are

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his belief in staying motivated to keep cooking and improving even when others seem far better in the dishes they make.

Pork doesnít have to taste like a leather coaster

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses pork and whether or not it has to be cooked well-done.

Plastic bags are bad for more than just the environment

"Better Days" columnist Teri Stein discusses an unfortunate event about losing a wedding ring diamond while grocery shopping.

Learning is a lifelong thing

Columnist Karen Wilson discusses her view on learning as a lifelong process.

Fondue lends itself to good conversation

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses fondue and the various ways to prepare it.

Assault of the Ohio River: Waste dump or drinking water?

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses the Ohio River and her view on industrial waste from fracking.

Romantic notions about Valentineís Day can be squashed like the February stink bugs if you look too closely

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses notions about Valentine's Day and gives the history of the holiday.

Community thanked for their generosity

In this letter to the editor Christy Bloom thanks the community for its support of Operation Christmas Child.

Annual campaign still seeks community support

Guest columnist Robin Waltz discusses the campaign for United Way of Tuscarawas County and requests aid to finish strong.

The nuclear option: Is it really the right option?

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses nuclear energy and alternative energy sources.

Somehow I feel cheated by what adulthood turned out to be

Columnist Scott Daniels recalls a restaurant from his past and discusses how his expectations of adulthood have been betrayed.

Wood-boring beetle devastates ash trees in region

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses invasive species and how they affect trees and forests.

Sometimes a change of pace rekindles your enthusiasm

Columnist Karen Wilson discusses strategies for setting goals and meeting them.

My December impulse purchase is staring me down in January

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses ways to use leftover candy canes after the holidays.

Wood-boring beetle devastates ash trees in region

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses invasive species and how they affect trees and forests.

Broadway's '42nd Street' sets up at the Performing Arts Center

Freelance writer and columnist Scott Daniels gives a review of "42nd Street," which is coming to the Kent State University Performing Arts Center in New Philadelphia.

Spicy shrimp from a copycat recipe

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses copycat recipes and an attempt he made at a copycat shrimp recipe.

You never really know if youíre doing them right unless you taste the real thing

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses some recipes associated with New Orleans and Mardi Gras.

The millennials have put their culinary foot down on tradition

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the tradition of pork and sauerkraut on New Year's.

Make a resolution for the planet

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses astronauts and how their view of our planet from space affected their beliefs.

A Very Electric Christmas by Lightwire Theater gets positive review

Teri Stein gives a review of a recent show at the Performing Arts Center at Kent State Tuscarawas.

Winter is no reason to stay indoors

Columnist Herb Broda discusses outdoor activities that are available in the winter.

Cookies are still a Christmas tradition in my family

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses a family tradition of making cookies.

The paradox of Christmas should be our inspiration

Columnist Bruce Stambaugh discusses his belief in helping others, especially during the Christmas season.

Mannheim Steamroller: Perfect except for one thing

Teri Stein gives a review of the Mannheim Steamroller performance on Dec. 15 at the Performing Arts Center at Kent State University at Tuscarawas in New Philadelphia.

Donít make Christmas a shopping frenzy

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses her belief on materialism and Christmas.

The holidays will naturally have a different flavor each year

Columnist Karen Wilson discusses Christmas habits.

Fruitcakes: The stuff of legends

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses fruit cake and plumb pudding.

I lost sight of the caveat about being careful

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses safety in the kitchen.

Lifeís river flows in you and me

Columnist Bruce Stambaugh shares a tale of inter-related events that led him to a home with a girl playing piano.

Sugar is wreaking havoc on our health

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses sugar and its effects on health.

A raw oyster is an absolute culinary delight

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses ways to prepare and eat oysters.

A day of birding along Lake Erie from Toledo to Huron

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses some birding he did around Lake Erie.

Not all recipes should include peanuts

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his thoughts on peanuts in recipes.

Stopping the spread of false information is certainly a good start

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses false information and the purpose of news media.

Outdoor gifts send a message you value outdoor experiences

Columnist Herb Broda discusses various items to get children for outdoor activities.

Cotton replaced hemp in the world of fiber by chemical giant Dupont

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses cotton, organic cotton and hemp.

Be on guard against a lack of gratitude for everyday gifts

Columnist Scott Daniels speaks about being thankful for everyday things.

As we wrap up one set of activities, we can look forward to the ones on the way

Columnist Karen Wilson discusses priorities as the season changes from fall to winter.

Real Irish coffee is the perfect after-dinner dessert

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses Irish coffee as a dessert.

Trustees urge voters to support Issue 23

In this letter to the editor the Sugarcreek Township trustees ask voters to pass Issue 23.

Stand up to fracking in the Wayne National Forest

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses her view on fracking and the upcoming auction of land in Wayne National Forest.

A steak for 6 isnít meant for 1 person

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses ways to eat steak while being practical and not spending too much.

Vienna cuisine takes cues from hearty German fare

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses Vienna cuisine and shares a recipe.

Autumn is an appropriate metaphor for life

Columnist Bruce Stambaugh believes autumn can be a picture of life.

The top five aerobically fit countries might surprise you

Columnist Herb Broda discusses possible problems with not going outside and pumpkins in October.

The small things we overlook can be very important

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses things in nature that seem small but have great value.

Greek chicken stew is delicious even if itís not Greek

Columnist Scott Daniels shares a recipe that may or may not be Greek.

Seriously? Regular season football over playoff baseball?

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his anger at ESPN for covering regular season football over the Indian's victory in playoff baseball.

Without integrity nothing else matters

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses integrity and the upcoming presidential election.

A good time for a chilly house and some braised pork

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his preference to keep the windows open in the fall and shares a recipe.

Remembering the Mountain Keeper

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses an anti-mountain top mining activist that influenced her.

Winter cheese? What is winter cheese?

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses winter cheese, which came to his attention during a reunion.

Variations in chili are endless

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses chili and its endless possibilities.

I love what the Cleveland Indians are doing

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the Cleveland Indians making the playoffs.

Standing up for Standing Rock water warriors

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses a pipeline that is being protested by Native Americans.

I keep thinking of all the soups I want to get simmering in fall

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses soups and shares a recipe.

Winning with a conscience should always be present

Columnist Bryan Schaaf talks about how there is a right way to win and a wrong way to win.

Band nails the sound of Journey during its 1980s fame

Scott Daniels gives a review of Resurrection - A Journey Tribute, who performed at Kent State Tuscarawas Performing Arts Center.

Americans are guarded by people who want to suck the fun out of life

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses The French Paradox in terms of diet and culture.

Finding peace of mind in everyday life

Columnist Karen Wilson discusses ways to prioritize daily living for peace of mind.

Education isnít always about a degree

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses ginseng harvesting and two mentors who she met along her journey to get her doctorate.

Iíll make scones if this endless hot summer ever ends

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the heat of this summer and a recipe for making scones.

The mouse caper unfolds at the Stein house

Columnist Teri Stein tells the story of a battle for home ownership between her and some invading mice.

The days of AAA planned trips are waning

Columnist Scott Daniels talks about childhood vacations and a fading hotel chain that was popular at the time.

Bats prefer a log home to their own bat house

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses the bats that have taken residence outside her home and various details about bats.

Butter or margarine: The internet is groaning under the weight of arguments

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the history of butter and margarine and the differences between the two.

Make friends with a gardener and try zucchini

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the various ways to use zucchini with all the abundance that comes this time of year.

I very much prefer an even pace with things in proper order

Columnist Karen Wilson discusses ways to prioritize household responsibilities when setbacks put a person behind.

With temperatures in the 90s every slogging day, who wants to be outside?

Columnist Scott Daniels talks about the potential to lose weight in the summer through outdoor activity but how this summer has been different due to the heat.

Observe the dazzling Perseids meteor shower and take time to appreciate our planet earth

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses the Perseids meteor shower that will happen from Aug. 11 through Aug. 13.

Democracy hijacked at DNC

Columnist Randi Pokladnik explains her experience and treatment as a Bernie Sanders' delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

Find a farmersí market you like and enjoy the blessings of home

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the benefits of fresh produce and suggests visiting a local farmers' market

Why climate change should be a number one priority in our lives

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses climate change.

A small amount of vanilla goes a long way

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the value of pure vanilla.

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