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Around the House 2012
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Plenty of ways to prioritize your energy needs at home

Saving money on energy costs is easy when you prioritize the needs around the house.

As members of the family, pets need special attention in winter

Pets are safest indoors in cold weather. If they must be outside take measures to keep them warm and dry.

Time to hit the deck

Get the deck ready for spring with a thorough inspection and cleaning.

There’s no place like home Create a home that allows you to feel safe and comfortable

Learn to love your home by creating a space that allows you to you feel comfort and joy.

The modern bathroom suits the modern family

Bathroom trends include industrial materials and natural ones too. Convenience and luxury combine to meet the needs of today¿s modern family.

Kids chores should be age-appropriate

Kids can help around the house when you give them age-appropriate chores they can complete successfully.

Go outside and play Give kids an outdoor space to call their own

Outdoor play places for kids don't have to be costly. A little creativity from parents and kids can result in some very special spaces to play.

Get organized this spring A cluttered home can be overwhelming

Clutter can make our homes unpleasant and distracting. Get organized so you enjoy spending time around the house.

Change the look of any room with fresh paint

You can change the look and feel of a room with a fresh coat of paint. While not easy, painting can be done successfully when you follow these simple steps.

Make your house sparkle with homemade natural cleansers

Advertisers would lead us to believe their products are safe. Not all ingredients in household cleaners need to be disclosed on labels. Play it safe and make your own cleaning products.

Repurpose unused or neglected space in your home

Turn unused or neglected space in your home into useful space that makes you want to stay around the house.

Tackle spring cleaning a little at a time

The daunting task of cleaning the house from top to bottom this spring is made easier when tackled a little at a time.

Thrift shops stock quality merchandise in good condition

Your local thrift store is a great place to find items to use to decorate your home.

Look for signs of damage with a springtime roof inspection

An annual inspection of the roof can help you detect flaws or damage that might require the advice of a professional.

A kitchen garden provides enjoyment and food

The healthiest meals are the ones we cook at home. The healthiest vegetables and herbs come from our own kitchen gardens.

Insulate the attic this spring for energy efficiency

Spring is the perfect season to add insulation to your attic. Your home will be more comfortable, you¿ll save money and you will be a better steward of the planet by not wasting precious natural resources.

Fly a kite, play games or plant some flowers Be sure to spend time with family doing things outside

Springtime is the right time to get outside and have fun with your family.

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